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Client Profile: Camden Commons

Camden Commons has always been one of my favorite spots in town so when I was given the opportunity to give their website a facelift I was very excited.

Camden Commons is popular location here in Franklin, TN. It’s a mixed-use upscale area comprised of rented lofts and retail space. I’ve personally spent a lot of time hanging out in some of the restaurants that call this place home, like Sopapilla’s and Mack and Kate’s. But like many small business owners, they had fallen victim to website abandonment. Years ago they had paid a third party company to build a website not understanding fully how to manage it. Money was thrown down the drain and the site remained unfinished for over 2 years.

For Camden Commons, I built a simple multi-page site using HTML, CSS3, PHP & jQuery. I snapped some updated photos of the complex and recreated their logo. The photo you see here at the top of this post was my favorite because it’s actually a Photoshop composite! The day I took the photo the weather was grey and overcast – I simply tweaked the lighting a bit and added a nice blue sky and unless you look closely, you’d never know the difference!

So take a peek at the the new and improved … and don’t forget to check them out in person too if you are looking for a swanky place to live or an awesome meal!

Camden Commons