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Client Profile: Southern Sun

Just because you skip the tanning beds doesn’t mean you have to be pale! Southern Sun is a mobile luxury airbrush tanning service located in in Franklin, TN.

For the ladies over at Southern Sun, this wasn’t their first rodeo as far as graphics were concerned! In fact they are very self reliant and manage much of their own marketing on their own in-house. So it was no surprise that when they came to me with a logo request, they came with a full-fledged idea, font names and pre-purchased stock art in tow. They had more or less found exactly what they were looking for – a girl on a bar stool wearing a dress – but they just wished she could be a bit more “southern.”

That’s where I came in! With a few simple additions, I was able to make their vision a reality.

And that’s why I wanted to make this sweet and simple logo request a featured Client Profile. Whether you know exactly what you want, or have no idea what you want, I am here for my clients! I can provide as much or as little conceptual assistance as needed. It doesn’t matter what you bring to the table – as long as you leave it perfectly satisfied!

PS: If you’re looking for an awesome hassle-free spray tan (I have partaken myself) make sure to check out their Facebook page at

Client Profile: Southern Sun