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Client Profile: Empower Cocke County

Empower Cocke County is non-profit initiative in East Tennessee that strives to unify the churches in their area with a common goal:   A faith-driven mission-trip in their own country. They are doing this by educating their community on finance, marriage, parenting, drug abuse and depression.

Their latest event, “Get Your Ducks In A Row” includes a lineup of several speakers over the course of several nights which all leads up to   the main event: An appearance by Duck Dynasty’s John Godwin.

I must confess, having never seen the show before, I had to do some … research … on this one. But a few hours later I found myself staring at a computer screen splashed with 10 shades of camouflage and well on my way to completing what is shaping up to being quite the fun little project.

Learn more about Empower Cocke County at their website:
Duck Dynasty's: John Godwin, Artwork by Morgan Overholt Designs