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Client Profile: Know BRCA

Know:BRCA is a collaboration between the Centers for Disease Control and Bright Pink to encourage women of all ages to assess their BRCA gene mutation risk.

According to BRCA stands for BReast CAncer susceptibility. BRCA genes are called “tumor suppressor” genes and when functioning normally help prevent cancer. But when a mutation in the BRCA gene occurs, cells are more likely to divide and change rapidly which can lead to developing breast cancer.

And so, in effort to draw visitors to their brand new site and take the risk assessment, they wanted to launch a social media campaign with varying degrees of approach – graphics that ranged from light-hearted to serious and thought provoking.

I am posting today because even though the social media campaign has yet to officially launch – a few of my designs have been selected for an additional print campaign and presentation before Congress (yes Congress – Woo-Hoo!)

So here’s a sneak peak at three of the postcards currently in the works. Note my Jediesque-Photoshopping abilities I used on the “selfie” themed card after being asked to transform the DSLR camera into a camera phone.

For more information about Know:BRCA checkout

Know: BRCA Postcards

Know: BRCA Postcards

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